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An introductory level subject for students of all disciplines.

Textbook: Physics, J.Breithaupt, Macmillan Press 1999

Introduction: Units and Measurements
The International System (S.I.) of scientific units, S.I. prefixes, commonly used instruments, uncertainty in measurement, area and volume formulae

Unit 1: Waves
Transverse waves, longitudinal waves, amplitude, phase difference, frequency, wavelength, wave speed, reflection, refraction, diffraction, polarisation

Unit 2: Sound
Nature and properties of sound waves, ultrasonics, the human ear, the decibel scale, travelling and stationary waves.

Unit 3: Optics
Young’s slits, laws of reflection and refraction, refractive index, total internal reflection, the lens formula, linear magnification.

Unit 8: Pressure
Definition of pressure, pressure of a liquid column, pressure measuring devices, upthrust.

Unit 9: Forces in equilibrium
Components, moments, friction, equilibrium,

Unit 10: Dynamics
Displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, equations for uniform acceleration, graphs

Unit 11: Force and motion
Momentum, Newton’s laws of motion, conservation of momentum

Unit 12: Energy and Power
Work done by a force, energy, power, conservation of energy, efficiency, and energy resources.

Unit 24: Gases
Absolute zero of temperature, the gas laws, microscopic picture of pressure and temperature

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