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Physics 1 Building Management/Construction Industrial Design

Common Topics


Basic concepts of direct current Electricity
Current, Potential Difference, e.m.f.

Ohm's Law, power dissipation. Variation of resistance with temperature.
Resistors in series and parallel.

Circuit Theory
Kirchhoff's Laws and solution of network circuits.

Storage of charge on a capacitor. Energy stored in capacitor. Capacitors in series and parallel.

Electrical Safety

Properties of matter

Introduction to Atomic bonding.
Attractive and repulsive forces, potential and force as a function of atomic separation.
Chemical Bonds: Ionic, covalent and metallic bonding.
Crystal structures; Packing fraction.
Amorphous solids and Polymers.
Microscopic defects in solids.
Elasticity: stress, strain, elastic moduli; Poisson's ratio; elastic limit; elasticity at the microscopic level
Brittle fracture; microcracks.
Plastic deformation; dislocations; work hardening.

Moving fluids; continuity principle, Bernoulli's theorem.
Static fluids; pressure, Pascal's law.
Buoyancy and Archimedes' Principle.
Viscous flow, Poiseuille's equation.

Temperature and Heat

Temperature and its Measurement
Measurement of temperature, temperature equilibrium, construction of a thermometer scale, International Temperature Scale.
Linear, surface and volume expansion of solids, applications.
Volume expansion of liquids, applications.

Quantity of Heat: Calorimetry

Concept of heat; specific heat, thermal capacity.
Method of mixtures.
Heat as a form of energy, mechanical equivalent of heat.
Gas Laws - Expansion of gases, absolute temperature, Boyle's law, the Universal Gas Law.

Latent Heats and Changes of Phase

Latent heats, calorimetric measurements of latent heats.
Vapour pressure, properties of vapours, triple point - case of water. Cases of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
Intermolecular forces responsible for changes of phase, behaviour of a real gas when greatly compressed.
The critical temperature.
Measurements of vapour content of atmosphere - absolute humidity - relative humidity - specific humidity - mixing ratio - dew - point temperature.
Atmospheric condensation, saturation vapour pressure over ice and supercooled water.

The Transmission of Heat

Convection, conduction, radiation, Prevosts' theory of exchanges, quantitative laws of radiation.

Refrigeration Theory

Refrigeration theory, properties and characteristics of refrigerants.

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