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Physics for Industrial Design

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Note: The entire Physics for Industrial Design course (totalling 21 Lectures) is made up of the Physics for Building Management Course (14 Lectures) and the Physics for Industrial Design Course (these additional 7 Lectures).

Electrostatics/Electromagnetism topics

Greek alphabet

The SI Unit System

Lecture 1

• electric charge,
• conductors and insulators, and
• Coulomb's law are introduced.

Coulomb's Law

Lecture 2

• the idea of electric fields,
• field strength, and
• potential difference in a field.

Lecture 3

• Compasses and bar magnets are introduced,
• magnetic fields are mapped,
• the relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields is demonstrated,
• the various uses of electromagnets are described, and
• the force on a current in a magnetic field is seen in various devices.

Lecture 4

• magnetic induction is defined,
• the force on a charge moving in a magnetic field is given,
• the right hand screw rule is explained,
• the equivalence of moving charge with current is derived, and
• the Hall effect is introduced.

Lecture 5

• the Hall probe further explained,
• the Biot Savart definition is given and its use demonstrated,
Ampere's rule is given and its use demonstrated,
• the magnetic induction in "short wide" and "long narrow" solenoids is calculated,
• the force/length between two long straight current carrying wires is calculated.

Lecture 6 • The Magnetic Dipole Moment is defined,
• Ferromagnetism is described,
• Magnetisation and Hysteresis are introduced,
• Applications in computing and medicine are given,
• Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism are distinguished, and
• Curie's law and Temperature are given.

Lecture 7 • Magnetic Flux is defined,
• Faraday's and Lenz's laws are introduced,
• the production of Alternating Currents is described,
• Eddy currents are described,
• Transformers are introduced.


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