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Physics for Civil Engineering Syllabus

Common Topics


Basic concepts of direct current Electricity
Current, Potential Difference, e.m.f.

Ohm's Law, power dissipation. Variation of resistance with temperature.
Resistors in series and parallel.

Circuit Theory
Kirchhoff's Laws and solution of network circuits.

Storage of charge on a capacitor. Energy stored in capacitor. Capacitors in series and parallel.


Pressure; Bernoulli’s equation; Archimedes’ principle; Viscosity; Stokes law and terminal speed; Laminar flow and Poiseulles equation; Turbulent flow and Reynold’s number; Surface Tension.

Properties of matter

Introduction to Atomic bonding.
Attractive and repulsive forces, potential and force as a function of atomic separation.
Chemical Bonds: Ionic, covalent and metallic bonding.
Crystal structures; Packing fraction.
Amorphous solids and Polymers.
Microscopic defects in solids.
Elasticity: stress, strain, elastic moduli; Poisson's ratio; elastic limit; elasticity at the microscopic level
Brittle fracture; microcracks.
Plastic deformation; dislocations; work hardening.

Moving fluids; continuity principle, Bernoulli's theorem.
Static fluids; pressure, Pascal's law.
Buoyancy and Archimedes' Principle.
Viscous flow, Poiseuille's equation.

Oscillations and Waves

Mechanical oscillations (effect of wind on structures)
waves (phase, mathematical representations and intensity - decibel scale)
Resonant modes and Reverberation
Interference and Diffraction.

Acoustic techniques

Acoustic transducers
Ultrasonic measurements
Acoustic spectroscopy
Engineering and Seismic applications.


Electronic band structure
absorption, emission and stimulated emission of photons
lasing action from population inversion
laser safety
optical fibres and optical switches
optical integrated circuits.

Measuring , processing and control

Analogue and Digital data
Boolean logic
computer/world interface
instrumentation and data-collection applications.

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