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A glossary of Syriac words and phrases



A glossary of Syriac words & phrases

23th July 2010

English word or phrase Syriac characters
abortions abortions
air air
Adam Adam
"the answer" answer
"the call" call
column of glory glory
Christ Christ
darkness darkness
deliberation deliberation
dwellings dwellings
elements elements
Eve Eve
evil fire evil fire
evil smoke evil smoke
evil water evil water
evil wind evil wind
fate fate
Father of Greatness father of greatness
fire fire
good one good one
haikla or shrine haikla or shrine
heights heights
Iesu Iesu
Isho Isho
ithutha ithutha
ithya Ithya
"in the way of the truth" in the way of the truth
Jesus luminous jesus luminous
knowledge/mind knowledge/mind
kyana kyana
light light
logos logos
luminous (Jesus luminous) luminous
maiden of light maidens of light
nature nature
mind/intellegence mind/intelligence
physis physis
prince of darkness prince of darkness
principles (there are two) principles
reason reason
region of darkness region  of darkness
region of light region of light
sexual purity sexual purity
shrine or shrine haikla or shrine
sin sin
solitary one solitary one
soul soul
third messenger third messenger
thought/reflection thought/reflection
three wheels or spheres three wheels or spheres

transported Christians (bny sbyt')

transported Christians
twelve maidens twelve maidens
two demons two demons
water water
will will
wind wind
word of thought word of thought




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