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The Big Bang to the End

by Peter Eyland

This is a talk that Peter has given to different groups, such as Amateur Astronomy groups or Motorhomer groups. He has recently performed this talk on the cruise ship, Pacific Princess across the pacific.

Please note: the animations represented here are static, ie they do not move like they did in Peter’s presentation, eg Doppler effect, Cepheid variable stars etc.

Big Bang


image002Big Bang


image003Big Bang


image004Big Bang


image005Big Bang


image006Big Bang


image007Big Bang


image008Big Bang


image009Big Bang


image0010Big Bang


image0011Big Bang


image0012Big Bang


image0013Big Bang


image0014Big Bang


image0015Big Bang


image0016Big Bang


image0017Big Bang


image0018Big Bang


image0019Big Bang


image0020Big Bang


image0021Big Bang


image0022Big Bang


image0023Big Bang


image0024Big Bang


image0025Big Bang


image0026Big Bang


image0027Big Bang


image0028Big Bang


image0029Big Bang


image0030Big Bang


image0031Big Bang


image0032Big Bang


image0033Big Bang


image0034Big Bang


image0035Big Bang


image0036Big Bang


image0037Big Bang


image0038Big Bang


image0039Big Bang


image0040Big Bang


image0041Big Bang


image0042Big Bang


image0043Big Bang


image0044Big Bang


image0045Big Bang


image0046Big Bang


image0047Big Bang


image0048Big Bang


image0049Big Bang


image0050Big Bang


image0051Big Bang


image0052Big Bang


image0053Big Bang


image0054Big Bang


image0055Big Bang


image0056Big Bang


image0057Big Bang


image0058Big Bang


image0059Big Bang


image0060Big Bang


image0061Big Bang


Big Bang


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