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"From the Solar System to the Edge of the Universe"

by Peter Eyland

Picton talk

This is a talk forms part of National Science Week for 2021. 
Peter agreed to make this talk for the Wollondilly Library in Picton. However, due to Covid Lockdown restrictions in Greater Sydney and the Wollondilly LGA (Local Government Area) , this talk was made by ZOOM on Thursday 19 August 2021.

image002SolarSystemTo Edge

image002SolarSystemTo Edge

image003SolarSystemTo Edge

image004SolarSystemTo Edge

image005SolarSystemTo Edge

image006SolarSystemTo Edge

image007SolarSystemTo Edge

image008SolarSystemTo Edge

image009SolarSystemTo Edge

image0010SolarSystemTo Edge

image0011SolarSystemTo Edge

image0012SolarSystemTo Edge

image0013SolarSystemTo Edge

image0014SolarSystemTo Edge

image0015SolarSystemTo Edge

image0016SolarSystemTo Edge

image0017SolarSystemTo Edge

UPDATEDimage0018SolarSystemTo Edge

image0019SolarSystemTo Edge

image0020SolarSystemTo Edge

image0021SolarSystemTo Edge

image0022SolarSystemTo Edge

image0023SolarSystemTo Edge

image0024SolarSystemTo Edge

image0025SolarSystemTo Edge

image0026SolarSystemTo Edge

image0027SolarSystemTo Edge

image0028SolarSystemTo Edge

image0029SolarSystemTo Edge

image0030SolarSystemTo Edge

image0031SolarSystemTo Edge

image0032SolarSystemTo Edge

image0033SolarSystemTo Edge

image0034SolarSystemTo Edge

image0035SolarSystemTo Edge

image0036SolarSystemTo Edge

image0037SolarSystemTo Edge

image0038SolarSystemTo Edge

image0039SolarSystemTo Edge

image0040SolarSystemTo Edge

image0041SolarSystemTo Edge

image0042SolarSystemTo Edge

image0043SolarSystemTo Edge

image0044SolarSystemTo Edge

image0045SolarSystemTo Edge

image0046SolarSystemTo Edge

image0047SolarSystemTo Edge

image0048SolarSystemTo Edge

image0049SolarSystemTo Edge

image0050SolarSystemTo Edge

image0051SolarSystemTo Edge

image0052SolarSystemTo Edge

image0053SolarSystemTo Edge questions

Peter provided a few additional slides, to assist in answering questions. For example, what to see in the sky tomorrow evening, where to look for the planets.

image0054SolarSystemTo Edge

For example the next slide - every point of light, in this photo, is an entire galaxy filled with stars.

image0054SolarSystemTo Edge

image0055SolarSystemTo Edge

image0056SolarSystemTo Edge

image0057SolarSystemTo Edge

image0058SolarSystemTo Edge

image0060SolarSystemTo Edge

image0061SolarSystemTo Edge

image0059SolarSystemTo Edge Thats all folks

SolarSystemTo Edge

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