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Physics for Industrial Design with Peter Eyland


Note: The entire Physics for Industrial Design course (totalling 21 Lectures) is made up of the Physics for Building Management Course (14 Lectures) and the Physics for Industrial Design Course (additional 7 Lectures).




Conductors and insulators, induced charges, Coulomb's Law, Electrostatic fields, electrostatic screening.


Electric Fields and Potentials

• the idea of electric fields,
• field strength, and
• potential difference in a field.



Magnetic fields produced by currents - long wire, circular loop, solenoid. Force on charges moving in magnetic field.

Force between parallel currents in wires.

Magnetic Fields

• Compasses and bar magnets are introduced,
• magnetic fields are mapped,
• the relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields is demonstrated,
• the various uses of electromagnets are described, and
• the force on a current in a magnetic field is seen in various devices

Investigating Magnetic Fields

• the Hall probe further explained,
• the Biot Savart definition is given and its use demonstrated,
Ampere's rule is given and its use demonstrated,
• the magnetic induction in "short wide" and "long narrow" solenoids is calculated,
• the force/length between two long straight current carrying wires is calculated.

Magnetic Materials

• The Magnetic Dipole Moment is defined,
• Ferromagnetism is described,
• Magnetisation and Hysteresis are introduced,
• Applications in computing and medicine are given,
• Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism are distinguished, and
• Curie's law and Temperature are given.


Magnetic Induction

• magnetic induction is defined,
• the force on a charge moving in a magnetic field is given,
• the right hand screw rule is explained,
• the equivalence of moving charge with current is derived, and
• the Hall effect is introduced.


Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday's law and Lenz's law. Eddy currents. Inductance. The AC generator (principle). Transformers.

• Magnetic Flux is defined,
• Faraday's and Lenz's laws are introduced,
• the production of Alternating Currents is described,
• Eddy currents are described,
• Transformers are introduced.

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